One of the Best Decisions of My Life

Life can change in an instant. It did for me in June of 2010 when a driver of another car T-boned my car that left me with life changing head and hip injuries as a result of the impact. I was in need of legal advice and my first thought was to go with the biggest firm, you know, the one who says, “the light is always on” at his office. We met and he heard my story and threw out a $ figure of what he thought my case was worth. Not once did he ask me if all of my injuries were identified and being medically treated, which they were not at the time. I left his office without a good feeling. I continued to search for legal representation and met with Larry Siff. Larry took time to listen to me and made no promise other than to say that he would protect my rights, assist with any and all processes to identify and treat my medical challenges if needed and to aggressively pursue a solution for the accident that I had no fault in. I left that meeting with Larry with the confidence that his firm was my best option. After 12 weeks of therapy, multiple doctor visits and all of my medical needs identified, Larry Siff's firm was able to reach a settlement that turned out to be 10 times greater than what I was told from his competition. I can honestly say that no amount of money is worth the injuries that I have but I am happy that I made the choice to go with Larry Siff's firm. To this day it remains one of the best decisions of my life.


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